A grade 4 picture. 

They could draw whatever they wanted in the middle drowning or bobbing  in the ocean of pattern.  They are in chalk pastel, kokki and sugar paper but they are so striking.

This is my drive: to have little artists who delight in and love to create rich PATTERN. 

 No, not to decorate their art work but to use real pattern. 

There are rules, elements to achieve:

Patterns must touch and patterns must repeat.  “Even if the line connecting the dots is invisible it stops the dots from being scattered scared all over the space.  They need to follow each other.” 

Pattern can be poor and rich.  I compare the patterns to rich and poor people.  We talk about how much space they need to live in.  How much cupboard space they need and why.  We talk about how to turn a simple and “poor” pattern into a rich and eye-catching pattern.  And most of the time this works!  Suddenly their patterns are amazing!

I just hope they can transfer this new brilliance into other projects.  It’s tiring but worth it. 

xx Bye for today…Happy teaching!

PS: today I learned how to spell check! *:-)