Lessons – Aprox.3

Skills – Letter form, landscape drawing, creation of space, problem solving.

Needs –  Black kokki, paper/surface, black paint/pastel

I first saw a finished product of this project up on the wall at Frank Joubert Art Centre.  I instantly loved it.  Yet however much the kids thought it was so “cool” the first lesson, they have struggled with various skills needed to finish it.  Namely problem solving.

As you can see with the large picture on the right, the point is to create a landscape out of the words which describe each part.  So a hill would be filled with the word “HILL” and tree would be filled with “TREE” and branch “BRANCH” and you get the idea.

The letters must describe the shape by fitting it.  They become the shape.

Lets look at some rules –

*NB* – The letters MUST be sharp and clean or it just looks wrong.

If the letters do not fill the shape the shape is lost – see the pics on the left.

The letters must be open shapes or “bubble letters” as the kids say so that there is a space to colour the black inside of.

The picture should use a little perspective and distance as this gives the viewer as better sence of what is being created.

A great challenge for your older kids but be sure to teach them the skill of fitting words into a shape before doing this project.

I will put some finished pictures up here later…

…Ok so I didn’t ever put those finished pics up because there were hardly any worthy of being on this site.  Needless to say this project was a flop.

Please see the artical on Successful Letter Design – This one I believe worked far better.