A wacky giraffe for a wacky day.

#Lessons: 4 if you want it polished (done well)

Skills: Learn and discuss related colours and giraffe body parts and facts. Cutting, sticking, blending colour.

Requirements: White student cartridge A3, Black wax crayons, warm colours in tempera, cool but related colours in oil pastel, magazines, glue and glue sticks. 

Poem/story on giraffes, pictures or slide show on giraffes to show the form and body parts.

I loved this project.  The kids were chalenged to keep up as each week the next medium was brought in.  Some found it hard to work in unnatural colours – they need to learn to try new things and have fun doing it. 

I did this project in a similar way with zebra and they were really special. I’ll put that project up soon.

Toodles for now and remember to never underestimate your kids as they will always stretch with some input fromyou.