Everyday a new word for the theme.  Yesterday they had to draw a picture for the word “under”. Like under the sea or under the cupboard. Today the word was “up”.   Basically being creative is the point.

I wanted this project to be quick yet still teach the kids something so I added a point system for what I wanted to see in the art work. 

I split the class into two groups.  They had to find a name for their group in 30 sec.  Everything was recorded on my point sheet.

I told them the paper was newsprint and tore easily and that their medium was going to be wax crayon.  Each group started with 100 points so I could take off points if I saw any naughties happening. 

10 points to the group first tidied up.

50 points if the art work was complete.

10 points if plenty of texture was used and they are able to identify it to me.

10 points for blending colours. Again they had to  identify where.

20 points for use of colour.

Team work was out of ten BUT they had to whisper in their group and 1 person came to whisper in my ear their honest answer.

They swopped tables and whispered the consensuse mark for the opposing teams overall work.  Out of 10 again.

Each team helped me to add their score…I normally started with the team I suspected had less.

There was NO MESS when they left.  The scores were always close so they never felt obliterated and the kids had worked on a seriosly large page. Whoohoo!

I loved it! And this can be done with ANY grade.