I ask my kids…

Its amazingly fun! (grd 6)

Get to learn about famous artists (5)

It’s nice to learn (3)

You get calm very quickly (3)

If you do art you can be passionate about it (3)

You use your imagination and show them what is there (3)

You never make mistakes (3) Like once I did smudges and I turned them into eyes.

You get really creative by doing it and get to do really different things like mixing a fish with a giraffe (3)

I love the famous people in art (3)

Cause life would be boring without art (3)

No maths work to do.(4)

Feels as though you can be free while you’re working on a canvas.(6)

If you enjoy it you find it fun.(6)

You don’t get such hard work to do. (6) –  I tend to disagree!

It opens your mind.(6)

Lovely teacher. (5)

Get to learn different art techniques.(5)

Get beautiful things to hang in your bedroom.(4)

Some people can only shine in art. (5)

Get to learn about different kinds of patterns.(4)

Get to feel like an artist.(4)

Learn to be more creative.(5)

A place to express yourself through art.(5)

Learn some responsibility – like learn to respect the tools and mediums better.(5)

There are so many mediums to use.(5)

Learn to work better in groups.(5)

We get to work on easels. (5)

Its the only subject I’m good at.( a certain grd 5)

It expands our imagination.(5)

It’s so good to recycle.(5)

You don’t have to be good at art to enjoy it.(5)

Mistakes are never a problem you can always fix them.(5)

It helps to improve the human condition in that it makes you feel better after you’ve done art.(5)

A bad day can be poured out onto your page.  Its like telling a friend and it helps me breath after.(5)

So you don’t get detention. (5)

It helps  kids learn to be creative.(4)

To learn about colours and shades and blending.(4)

We learn how to use different matterials.(4)