Teachers don’t always want chocolate as a present

Here is an idea for a more perfect  present :

Find out what your teacher’s hobby is and help to encourage it through your present.

Failing that here are some ideas:

For female teachers:

Bath salts.

A plant for their desks or garden or home.

Beauty products.

Hand cream.

If she has a pet, a nicely decorated collar  might suit.

Scissors with decorative blades for fancy cutting.

Home made jewellery.

Shop bought jewellery.

Earings ( only is she has pierced ears – CHECK!).

A book voucher.

Make your own jewellery kit.


Fun socks.

Shop voucher.

For male teachers:



Sport kit.

 Rugby ball.


Soccer ball.


Model building kit.

FUN tie (only if he wears them!)

Peanuts (any bag of nuts)

Movie vouchers for the nearest video rental place (buying a video contract for a female would work well too).

A mug (really? Don’t you think we have enough of those?) 


A watch.

Aftershave (perhaps a bit personal)

Thank you to all my gorgeous kids who typed these ideas in for me xxx

Since you have read these please leave your ideas to add to the list.  you could save thousands of teachers from a future of diabetes and wobbles!