I believe this happens to every teacher on occasion. 

We go to the shop, a restaurant or any other public area and ….da da dum…. we are spotted by one of our precious kids (learners/pupils).  How do we react – wait to see their reaction of course.  We don’t want to embarrass them the poor things. 

How does the kid react? Well in my experience there have been a few different ones.  Please feel free to add any other reactions you have experienced.

Reaction 1 (the best):  The say hello and come up to give me a squeeze.  Thereafter they introduce me to their parent/s and wish me a good rest of the weekend or holiday.  After which they say goodbye and we both carry on like life is fine and I the teacher am a normal human being.  This has happened maybe once and is reserved for those perfect moments in life.

Reaction 2:  The kid waves hello and tugs on the parent to show them who I am.  A little weird I would venture as this leaves me feeling like an untouchable but famous celebrity.  I feel stared at and sad that I didn’t get my hug (perhaps a reason for working with young children and not the older ones who don’t give hugs because it’s just too uncool). 

Reaction 3:  I see them and traditionally give a moment to judge their level of reaction.  They have already seen me and pretend I am not their, purposefully not looking in my direction.  Sometimes they even find a way to hide behind mom.  What am I? The scariest teacher ever or just the local monster?  How do you think I should react to this marginalisation?

Reaction 4: I hide, dodge or ignore the student.  Why ever would a teacher do this you may ask.  Well us normal human beings, who happen to love working with children, we sometimes don’t dress up and put on our make-up.   See, I feel like I am meant to be seen as a professional.  So being seen in my gardening clothes with my unwashed and not “make beautiful”hair is difficult and yes – I’ll say it – embarrassing. 

With that said I guess I should understand better when one of my kids tries to hide.  I never know if they are feeling at their worst because I see them coming in after sport or break with sweaty hair, faces covered in water, muddy socks and grass stained knees – even the girls sometimes.  I will hug you anyway.

Lastly, lets chat about what happens upon returning to my class.  The kid always blabs out,  “I saw you at the (shop) this weekend.” 

Now why, why, why do that I if we said hello to each other?  This has always boggled me about kids!  Once I got there first. I said to this to the kid and they looked at me funny like I’d gone nuts.  Should I do that? Seems insensitive yeh?

Let me know your thoughts.

And to all 400 or so of my gorgeous kids…


xx Mrs A