Today we started our collaborative Gustav Klimt picture.  This man is my favorite artist and not for any reason other than his use of pattern and gold leaf.  Wish I could get some.  Enough about me…Lets share.

I photocopied a calendar pic of a Klimt tree till it was A3 size.  I cut it up into 24 pieces and laid it out scrambled up.  Competition time! Girls against boys.  Which team can place the most correct pieces together in 5min and if completed in under 5min then which team has the best time?  Girls win hands down! Are they just smart that way?

Each child got a piece of the painting a slightly larger but similarly shaped piece of white card.  They had to transfer to outlines and enlarge to fit the page.  One thing you should make them aware of (which I didn’t today*:-(  ) is to see if your picture matches with the one above and below before heading for the paint.  This gives them the opportunity to adjust the pencil lines. 

Once their pic was done they were given turquoise, blue, violet, magenta and yellow drawing ink to paint with very thin brushes.  I encouraged them to experiment (as always).  This often only works in the long run but coupled with a demo from me how else are they going to discover they many ways to use each medium? So SCIENTISTS they must become!

 I hope to keep you updated with this new project.

This is the pinned pic up after this lesson.  (Thank for all your help kids!!!)

Cherio for now

xx Mrs A