I found this great project on Artolazzi.  Though I did not find much by way instruction I figured it out and went for it.  Simple, attention grabbing and fun.  It could only have been better if a story or good poem was put in first.

Skills: Pattern, symmetry, cutting, folding, sharing.

Method: Fold A3 in half long ways and cut a triangle from it corner to corner.  Open and pattern the top with wax crayon. When done, dye it all over the patterned surface.  Let dry.

Decorate legs (2 in one piece) and cut toes.  Cut and decorate head/mouth.  Cut and curl the tongue.

Back to the dry body – close and fold the open side so that the end shape will be a triangular prism.  Stick or staple the bottom together (tape doesn’t work).  Tape in the head and tongue and glue on the legs. 

Give your lizard a name and character. A skit created with these gorgeous creatures would be lovely.