Chameleon in mosaic was a project inspired by my mosaic hobby at home.  Added to that is the love one of our grade 4 teachers has for chameleons.  It is quite a serious love for them so I thought it would be a delight for her to have chameleon art up in her classroom. Method:  I collected pictures from the internet of chameleons, put them into slide show mode and encouraged the children to talk about their body structure, colours, patterns and how they become camouflaged.

I then showed them examples (on the internet again) of mosaic art emphasising the gaps between the tiles and the shapes of the tiles.

Please note that I only show them photographs so that they do not take on another artist’s style but create their own.
This was a lovely idea, however the outcome was not to my liking.  Many off the chameleons were untidy, unfinished or the pieces of tile were cut incorrectly or even torn.  I know that the reason is two-fold: I either did not explain well enough or the kids didn’t listen.

Not every single picture was sad.  Some are a pleasure to behold.

My aim is to find a way to remodel this project so that it is easier to attain aesthetically pleasing projects.

If you have any suggestions please do comment.

Materials:  The kids used A3 white student cartridge,pencils, glue, magazine and scissors.