I found this project quite stress-free compared to some which I have taught.

Materials:  Scissors, coloured card, rulers, pencil, selotape, black paper, glue

The pictures show the process to some extent.

Method:  We used rulers to draw the lines onto the card.  First a line across the side before turning the page to draw the rest of the lines.  One portrait lines the other landscape lines.  We cut the stripes right off the second page to thread through the first page of lines.  This is so the “mat” has some stability and doesn’t just completely fall apart.  These little ones struggle enough just with the threading part.

We selotaped the back where the pencils were.  The front is then really fresh looking. 

The black paper tree cut out was a step by step process with me.  First drawing the boarder then the tree , inner circle and lastly the “thing” inside.  This ranged from squirrels to another tree or even an alien.  All fun.  We did a secret cut into the frame (see the trees frame bottom left) and cut all the way round until we hit the trunk for the tree then floowed the tree round finishing with the remainder of the frame.  So the frame and tree were still one peice.  A secret cut into the tree, cut around the circle till you hit some part of the central “thing” , cut around it, finishing off with the circle.  Thus the entire picture is whole in a sense. 

When sticking it we made sure to first stick the boarder before the tree so that it fits properly onto the weaving.  By my third class I had this lesson down.  The kids loved the look in the end.