Dear followers

This is the last thing I feel like doing today.  However should I stop writting…I will have not record of my doings for this is essentially my “file” of art lessons.  I can’t wait to have the internet at home so that i can do this at my own pace.  Normally I fill it in as the kids are working but things have been a little more hectic than usual this end of term (sigh).

About this gorgeous project…

I thought the boys may find this tough but they surprized me with some eaqually as beautiful art. 

I was inspired by a painting while surfing the net for fish pictures.  The link I added was not the exact picture which inspired me.  I searched for hours with the help of my kids (students) without success.  This picture too is beautiful.

Resources used:  A3 white student cartridge, charcoal, black ink, oil pastel, gold paper and quiet attention.

Method:  After talking through my file of hairy pictures from the internet we drew our own hairy person in charcoal.  The only rule: the hair had to flow all the way to the edges of the page.  Ink lines were painted over the lines which were to be kept (the unwanted lines would then dissapear behind the other mediums).   We found the light, medium and dark shadows on the face and body using only black, white and grey oil pastel.  The hair was coloured using related colours only with gold collage in some strips.  The rule here: blcak lines were not to be drawn over but rather between.  I tell them the black lines are like the walls of China and are not to be crossed.

I would consider this a good project as the majority of the art had a good outcome.