Written by some grade 4’s from this class: 

“It  is  a  inspirational  pitcure for  this  class. They are so happy to do it and there are so many to choose from but they chose this pitcure.  We drew them in 3D.  We used black ink and metalic pastels….and this is how it turned out!”

Yes indeed.  I don’t handle open white page sticking out of art at the best of times but I made an exception for this project.  Only the sky is coloured in and not an inch more.

Mediums and materials: A3 white student cartridge paper, pencils, black ink and metallic pastels.

Method:  Draw the buildings and details in pencil before going over the lines you want to keep in ink.  Use the metalic pastels to cover the sky and sky only – not the birds, not the airoplanes and not the clouds.  Can you hear my frustration?  They were good pictures in the end.

This link is to the book I got the idea for this project from.