Today we started on our stencil picture.  It is a layered picture with positive and negative stenciling being used.  I first saw the idea at a show.  Today was just the day to try it.  The kids were asked to look identify the three layers from the one photo I took during the show.  Using what we think the process was to create the picture, we are trying to make our own.  We are not using oil paint, as I expect the original artist did.  We are improvising with chalk and sugar-water, paper stencils and white paint.

Step 1:  Create an African savannah in chalk and sugar-water for the overall background.  Mix 10 tsp of norm. sugar into 2 or 3 cups of hot water and stir till the sugar is all dissolved.  Pour the solution into your pattypans and allow the chalk to soak in the solution.  Keeping unrelated colours in different wells helps to keep the colours clean.  The chalk works like wet paint on the page but dries fast and looks like chalk with full colour after.  Blending is possible.

It’s all an experiment and I hope like crazy that it works!  Wish me luck. 

Step 2:  Now for the negative stenciling and white paint.  Cut out trees, animals, birds etc. from paper and place them over the dry chalk.  This is usually lesson 2.  Use runny white tempera or acrylic with an old tooth brush to get a sprayed effect.  Some areas can be a mor intense spray than others.  The kids could also use more than one spray colour for different effects.  Very carefully peel the paper cutouts off to reveal the shapes left behind.  Its all rather exciting.

More to come….