“We used water colours and colour pencils. We drew our friends as Picasso did in a silly way. We did funny pictures.  Some are really weird.  It was cool doing it.”  Grade 4 student on our project.

Lesson 1: My grade fours started their “Picasso style friend” today.  They worked in pen from the start so that they had to work more carefully and thoughtfully.

It is a teacher driven project in that I asked them to draw certain parts of the face describing how Picasso may have drawn them.  I encouraged a lack of symmetry and realism from the start.

Example of instructions:

Draw the nose in the middle of the page.  Include the nose flaps and the nostrils. 

Draw the snot lines from the nose down.

Draw two different kinds of eyes.  They should be different sizes and don’t have to be straight.  Include the iris and pupil.  These do nott have to look in the same direction….and so on.

Lesson 2:  We drew these portraits of our friends Picasso style with black ball point pens.  Coloured them with water-colour paint and added patterns and extra brightness and neatness to the work in aqua-pencils.  Unfortunately i have to mark the art and looked for the following things:

  • Use of space
  • Ability to exaggerate and manipulate facial features
  • Use of mediums (water-colour, aqua-pencil)
  • A good project which I did in a few different ways.  I’ll try to put some links on soon.
Stunning pencil patterns on this one!