I took Braken-Franklin, my old faithful bear who is always there to comfort me when I sleep alone or am sick.  The first not happening much at all since I married!  I also took my little yoghurt, donning a picture of Winnie the Pooh and a story book about this famous little bear. 

My grade 1’s now know that Alan Alexander Milne was born in 1956 and had a son called Christopher Robin.  A. A. Milne wrote his famous stories about his son and the toys he had in his nursery.  These became very popular and thus famous as they are still used on many items and articals around the world.

We drew our own favourite soft toys in pencil with mine to show examples of things they may have forgetten to add.  It was a lively, I mean lovely lesson full of stories from the children about their toys and who gave them.

We worked first in pencil and then