My little grade ones come to me for a term at a time for extra-mural art.  They choose which extra-mural they are going to do for the term and painting on canvas is growing fast.  So fast in fact that I had double what I like to cope with.  But we carry on. 

This term our theme is birds.  I put together a slide show for the smart board so that we could have a large look at birds taking off, landing, scooping fish, walking, and just being their immensely beautiful selves in all their colours.  Some of the pictures were humorous and some majestic.  All were full-colour photos and inspiring.  I am so enjoying birds as a theme in my personal life as well.  I just love them especially the little ones.

Never think a child can’t.  Give them the resources, the challenge and a kind word now and then and you won’t believe what they are capable off.  Children of all ages are a wonderful well of creativity given the chance.