Today we continued with our paper mache’ seaguls.  Well I must admit not all of them will look like seaguls in the end.  The body parts vary with every child.  some have long beaks some really short.  SOme wings are well sized and some are tiny – really tiny!

But they are all cute.

We started the shape as a bean made of scrunched up newspaper.  We then held the shape with masking tape and covered that in starched newspaper strips.  we cut the wings , tail and beak out of card and attached them to the body with more stips of news paper.

Next week we’ll paint the birds.  so far this has been a 2 week project so I’m expecting 3-4 weeks in total.

…We continued with our birds today.  Now nolonger seaguls but gorgeous muticoloured birds.  I found a project in one of my new art books which seemed more fun and created a lot more texture than the previous idea.  “365 Things to do with Paper and Cardboard, Osbborne Activities” .  A really cool book that I would recommend you get.

I found the placement of magazine feathers a lot less tiring to teach and run than the construction of the mache’ birds. 

Always place the strips of magazine from the back to the front overlapping so that the ends stand up.