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I would not say that this is a favourite project of mine.

We read Miss Tiggy Winkle – this story was both too young for the learners and the old english words threw the children often.

We drew the washer man or woman and the washing lines in pencil.  Cutting out clothes from craps of material, we glued them to look as if they hung on the drawn lines.  Some children used the material for the washer person’s clothes too.

The rest wash completed with pastel.

When I teach pastel I always encourage children to blend (with the pastel sticks and not with their fingers or tissues!)  

I encourage many greens in the grass and multiple blues and purples in the sky.  They struggle with this at first but my persistence has come to fruit in my grade 4’s who have been with me for two years already as they now automatically blend and mix their colours – that feels good.  If they can do it with pastel they can do it with paint 🙂