I am so proud of this little munchkin – my star!!! The way in which he applied himself to this project, his focus and enjoyment of the task was breath-taking.  His one piece of art made my week.  When I felt down about my successes in the art room and as a teacher I had this child’s enthusiasm to anchor myself again. 

When starting this lesson I must admit the learners have to work incredibly hard to create the scraper boards for themselves.  This also results in a variation of the final look of the board from one child to another.

I use thin card, slightly glossy on side and grey on the other – much like pizza box board.  Some teachers use it to create the frames for the learns art exhibits.

They start on the white side of the board by rubbing/colouring hard with various wax crayons until there are no open card areas.  I have them choose any oil pastel colour to do the next solid layer of colour.  Though I find that white perturbs them least. 

For the final touch I make a concoction of mediums for them to paint over these two layers.  This dries and becomes the “skin” which they scratch through  with tooth picks and pins to get to the colour beneath.

The concoction: 

Using a bowl, I pour in a good deal of  black acrylic flow, about a third of that black ink, a splash of sunlight liquid and a splash of water.  Mix it thoroughly and paint over.  This fabulous mixture does not dry too quickly in the jar or bowl so its great when the next class arrives as I don’t have to make a new batch of paint.

And somewhere along the line I discovered that black paint is not the end all and be all.  I have experimented with blue acrylic flow and the same colour ink and plan some day to try with white paint.  Though I have a suspicion that whatever colour is used could bleed through to the white.  This could destroy or enhance the picture depending how precise you are wanting the lines to be.

Happy scratching!