Indeed 2012 starts with art! Does a year truly ever begin before that first day back at work?   I had a wonderful holiday in New Zealand for a month and while the new year may have begun there, it was more like a dream while away from reality. 

So happy new year everyone and may it be a blessing filled with good changes.  Speaking of which…whoever first said a change is as good as a holiday is WRONG.  I really must disagree.  Some changes in life can be so hard to deal with and nowhere near as refreshing as a holiday.

Let’s get into where I am starting in my class this year.  Grade 6’s first since they are my big children.

I am concerned for their ability to understand 3 dimensional drawing and their ability to draw their subjects from the basic shapes.  If your brow is knitted at the last part of that sentence – my apologies.  However should I post that project you will (in all hopes) know exactly what I mean.

I have started them with a work sheet with pictures taken from “Step by Step Art School Drawing” Jenny Rodwell, 1987, Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited.  Some however I traced and changed for my own needs.












I focused then on the following things through discussion and observation:

2 Dimensional is flat and one sided – a page is flat (2D) and 3D drawings only present the illusion of depth and therefore the object having three sides.

3D objects show 3 sides in order to present the idea of it having depth. In most cases the top and two sides.

Tonal value is the light and dark in a picture or on an object.  Regardless of the writing or patterns on the object the sun will be in one place giving the object a lighter and darker side. Often even a medium dark side and this tonal value will cover the area of the object from top to bottom – in other words don’t just shade in a patch like someone left a dirty mark on the object.

The right hand side of the page was reserved for a shape still life which would help them practice what they had just learned and noted in the differences between the example pictures.