These darling grade 4’s do not belong to the Guinea Fowl class.  However to be fair they did another version of the Guinea Fowl picture.  I kept pattern as a theme which ran through all the Guinea Fowl pictures.  This time in black paint and coloured aquarelle pencils.  I love those pencils.  They’re so much brighter than any others I know of and so useful since they can be used as paint or as a colouring pencil.  They blend quite well too I think.

I was surprised to find that the kids were not as excited about using feathers as I was.  Ii had saved these little Guinea Fowl feathers for years and now out they come to be used and I’m the only really thrilled one.  I just love this photo from the side – its shows up all the feathery fluff.

Haha…you know,  if you follow my blog you may notice that these children may well have been here a few times.  It’s as if we can watch them growing up as they go through my classes and the years at school.  Until they leave to grade 7 that is and then they just grow up too fast.  Once they’re in high school, when I do see them, they have just shot up and seem so much more mature.  A wonderful sight to behold.

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