My grade 6’s did their worksheet and basic drawing helping them understand the difference between 2D and 3D shapes.  I felt it couldn’t end there so we did a still life drawing/painting afterward to try and immortalise the concept in their minds.  I therefore had to find objects which could easily be drawn in 3 dimensions again.

We started in pencil – and I allowed erasers to their great joy.  Seeing as the sketches were so beautiful just as they were but needing more I went for soft colours in paint yet not paint.  i gave them tea, coffee, watered down black paint (cause I’d run out of ink) and red ink to work with.

We used newspaper college for the table-cloth and went over the pencils lines again in the end to help them stand out after the painting process. 

Some were beautiful but I do think I need to rethink the way I did this project/concept.