Today I went to visit one of the loveliest ladies….and her warehouse! I got so excited about the stock, meeting the staff and the conversation that I completely forgot about the camera after the first few minutes.  I really wanted a shot of Lynn and I together – Maybe next time Lynn 🙂

 Lynn has been to visit me at my school to show me her various art products and their uses for the last 4 years – seeing as this is my 5th year teaching t my current school.  She looks after me as her client so well.  For example a specific person is assigned to my account with ARTES/Art and Office and as the client I get to meet this lovely lady.   Their office runs like a family and once you have met everyone which includes her business partner Brian (a fabulous man with a heart for students), as I did when visiting them, it’s like you become a new member of that family.  Lynn has brought not only edible treats on her visits but shared ideas for projects and product uses (that I may never have experimented with alone).  She is a wealth of knowledge and love for her products.

So if you have a set supplier or better yet if you don’t,  do try Art and office or ARTES.  They stock 90% of your needs at the warehouse so it will come to you quickly with minimal back orders. Lynn will always try to get the best price for you and they genuinely care about your needs and wishes.  If you are looking for something specific they will see if they can source it for you.  And teachers…hear me…the service is wonderful.  The right stuff will be in those delivered boxes.

Lets talk about this amazing cutting machine which I got to see in action (!) 

The office orders the card and paper in very large sizes (like A1 or A0).  When you order the size you want this machine cuts huge piles of it down to exact size for you before they package it in brown paper or plastic.  The paper is places in the mouth of the machine at the front, the sizes set and a blade set at an angle comes from above and slices through the ream like it was a bit of foam – AMAZING! A highlight in my visit.

The last amazing thing…how all the shelves and the staircase and railing are painted. 

 I had to ask! Craft paint – Please Lynn correct me if I’m wrong.  Neon paint for the shelves and tables, and copper for the stair case.  They were coated afterward in a great varnish to make them long wearing but what colour!  It makes the warehouse such a happy place to be.

Thank you for the coffee Lynn and thank you for the tour ands the marvelous experience.  I hope to visit again soon – I know I still need to get paper so maybe sooner than later.

All the best, art teachers, with your ordering.  You can find their website at or though I do think the first site is best to look at.  If you double-click the images they can be viewed much larger.