The grade 3’s started their pollution awareness art works about 3 weeks ago.  For the first time in my years of teaching I sent out a request to the parents for anyone able to donate wood boards for this projects as I know from previous years how the children would like to stick whole pieces of rubbish on but the paper or card just doesn’t support it.  Well, two parents got back to me and blessed my class with 100 pre-cut ready to use boards.  They were off-cuts so we recycling what would have been thrown away and that made me happy to no end.

The kids were chuffed with the effort I’d put in to get a hold of boards for them and they loved the project over all I believe.

My purpose in this art project was to make another year of students aware of pollution, of littering in the street and how it affects them personally.

Few people think about the litter on the street.  Often people think it creates jobs for those who clean the streets.  Well I ask “What if it rains before the street sweepers get there?”  We have storm water gutters for when it rains.  The rain washes the litter through the (wide enough to not get my heel stuck in it) grid into these drains where it eventually gets to the ocean.  And …as I informed the kids: our food swims around in there.  Would you want to eat sea food which has swam around in that rubbish?

They agreed that it was very uncool and more people needed to know about this – so we focused on the words “Water Pollution” and an image from what we’d discussed – with litter stuck in of course and off we went!