….So one Friday I am blogging at school and searching Pinterest while waiting for photos upload when one of my sweetest grade 6 boys comes up to chat.  I happen to be looking at paradox boxes and show him page.  He got very excited about them and promptly went back to class to creat a few of his own which he showed me in a matter of minutes.  He proceeded to ask me if we could make this an art project – Well by that time I’d found Zentangles.  Which I was now very excited about and decided the two could be taught together.  Zentangles (which became zendalas) and paradox boxes within them.

Well three weeks have passed since and I have now got some beautiful zendalas, happy children and a YouTube video!  Soo cool!

Check out this link:   http://youtu.be/ULvWf2K1xR0

Here are the links I have used for inspiration:


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