Yesterday I learned about Prezi…so exciting! I’ve been to functions where this powerpoint showen was able to pan and zoom and have the info inside the main letters etc and it was so unique and fun and new but I had no clue how to create one. Well now I have made my first and used it in class today – the kids loved it. So I encourage you to give it a try and why not let your children make their own ones too?

The rhino pictures are being made with my readers in mind. We cannot simply make art, especially art with a message, and not have the message seen and heard by as wide an audience as possible. Gone are the days of the child, family and teachers seeing the art. Let us revil in technology. Let us show off and share! Barney says “Sharing is caring” so lets do it!!

Rhino pictures aims etc…
Medium/s: 6B pencil
Technique: sketching & cross-hatching (create the illusion of texture)
Input: Prezi presentation on white and black rhino, class discussion, running pictures during lesson. Demonstration on open, space-filling lettering (for the baqckground of the rhino.
…Well that was the first week of the lesson. Next week there’ll be more!