“These are the days of our lives”- *sigh*
Today I learned that chalk art movies should only be made in the shade and that disallowing guns is a good idea since these pics are all over the school!

I learned that the iPad is limited. I can make a Prezi on a normal PC and view it on the iPad – but only if the app (which is free but takes hours to down load) has been downloaded and the Prezi can in no way be edited there. So sad. I was hoping it would be the answer to all my efforts to create a net based “worksheet” of sorts which could be altered (to contain the students answers/replies) and sent back to me or viewed by me under another name.  This would mean I could mark their answers without using more paper.
Alas no. Not this way. And not via google dos form or picture or flip book. All have failed me so far. So its back to paper and ticks the old-fashioned way – how the trees shall weep…
Please if anyone has something they use I am eager to try it and eager to teach other teachers too.
I love Prezi for its muti-media abilities and have made two now and used them successfully. So google Prezi and give it a try – its fun to show to the kids! Monni