I feel like I’m on cloud number nine! It’s the first in three lessons that I have seen results that actually look good. I am so excited.
The image posted here is of one of the groups creating their chalk art animation using the iPad.
There is so little time for this. One hour just doesn’t feel like enough but in fact it worked today so perhaps if I am just ready and clued up enough for the challenge it works. Tips to remember:
Filming must be done in the shade.
No guns or blood to be used.
Actions and objects must be realistic, something you would do when out or at home. Keep it simple – too much detail just slows you down.
Add to the art or move the body to animate as rubbing or wetting chalk away is a disaster.

If you have the ability to try this project do it. The kids came back to me so excited and thankful for the fun project. And they get to do it again next week for their partner – they are, as we say in Cape Town, “stoked”!

I am hoping to add this project to the global classroom project https://thesunnythoughtproject.wikispaces.com

If you have not yet looked at this wiki or joined a project for yourself, allow me to recommend it.  The teachers I know who have tried it are very excited about this initiative and are all encouragement for project towards it.

Here is the link to the presentation I used to explain the project to the learners: