Anke says “Today we are having fun at art making insects!” Ashleigh says “We are having a lot of fun making all sorts of insects. I love art with Miss Mouse. And art is very exciting because when you make something you don’t know how it will turn out but it always turns out nice ’cause every picture has something special about it and today I made a çatipiller as my insect and my friend Alessia too.” Alessia says “I like art because I like being creative, my whole family is creative and they gave it to me so I like art and making things that’s why today I had a lot of fun today and want to have more next time ashleigh and I love art.   Ashleigh and I are having a playdate and we’re going to do art”

Ashleigh says I loved making the insects they were so much fun they were very special to make. It is very fun doing art with Miss mouse. She’s always so kind and creative.  I love being in her class, it is very exiting. When we were making the insects we weren’t allowed to use glue we had to build it out of wire and rubish it was very fun.

Alessia says ” Ashleigh has a good point Miss Mouse is very exiting and is fun. We weren’t alowed to use glue so we made our insects with sticky tape,wire and cardboard we had a lot of fun and it was very exiting we love art with Miss Mouse. Thank you for teaching art to us. I love you Miss Mouse.

Lauren says “I love Miss Mouse teaching us art we made insects from cardboard and no glue . We are very creative and fun in Miss Mouses class I love you. Miss mouse thanks for being our teacher in art we love to make CREATIVE art projects in art . We also made water polution project and the mothers day project . Miss mouse is greAt fun. YAY for miss mouse . We have lots of fun !!!art rocks we all say . Thank you for being my teacher we all love you lots of love Lauren xxx we painted our insects and and we had lodes of FUN today YAY I love you love Lauren we are awesome from art I had blue green and purple and I loved sophias and niekas insect Theres was beautiful .we love Mrs mouse my best friends are Nicole nieka Alessia and Lauren it is very fun with Mrs mouse I love cats and dogs but I like Mrs Mouse.”

Miss Mouse (Monni) says, “Thank you my beautiful girls for writing such a lovely post. I am so glad you enjoyed it!!”

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