The focus of this project was South Africa’s national flower the Protea.  A beautiful, hardy, scented flower which I feel is best described with chalk pastel on black paper.  This is due to the vibrancy of the flower’s colour and the simultaneous softness when touched.  The petals and stamens are so feathery soft.  While the leaves are hard and thick.

Nathan says, “We drew our own protea pictures.”

Judah says, “I liked doing the prodject.We used chalk pastles.You can smudge.”

Liam says, “we have the  best art teacher.”

Ethan says, “This is the beast protea project ever”.

Matteo says, “This is the very best protea project ever.”

Kay-lee says, “This is the  world s bets  protea. I think the best project in the class is

Emily ,sisipho,Francesca and kaylee .”

Emily says, this was the best art porject ever. It was so much fun to smudge all the coulers.=)

francesca says , it was great fun i did a sunset backround.

Ryan says, “This was amasing  I have never done somthing  like this ever  the chalk was so much fun and tha coulers were amasing  and the  smudging  was somuch fun  I love it  and I love Miss. Mouse!”

– Thank you kids!