Dear Readers

My heart is so warmed by all your responses.  It is so encouraging to have followers who I know are going to be viewing the art I have “my little chickens” create.

When I let then write their own parts on the blog and publish them, they are thrilled to see that people from around the world have read their thoughts so quickly.  Its makes them super eager to write again and have their work photographed for the blog.  Whether they have made the connection while creating their work, in that they realise that they are making this art piece for the world to see, I am not sure but I do believe it may happen to some of them soon.

Please feel free to write to me or comment on any art projects etc and send links to me which I could add to the projects.  If you have done something similar, just point me in the direction of your post as I am eager to learn more.

Many many thanks