We used white cardboard to draw on. We drew a picture of our dads and ourself on the cardboard . All of us used material to do the clothes.We had to paint the background,everybody  had so much fun painting it different colours. It was great fun.Everyone made fantastic pictures!

by Tyra I,Juaneque H and Britt A.

Surface: A4 White card

Mediums: 6B pencil, Tempera powder paint, material

Adhesive: White (craft) glue

Time: 3 lessons / 3 hours

Subject: Dad and I embracing

Success Rate:  5/10.   I would rate it a four except for the fact that the children still enjoyed themselves.  I felt the page needed to be at least an A3 and pastel could have been used in the lesson after this to make the works far better with pattern and facial features etc.  But this is the last lesson of term and I prefer to start fresh if I can at the beginning of each term.  I did like the use of material in the clothing and the size differences between the two people in the picture.  But over all I am not a happy-chappy with the outcome.