Lino this year is a more smooth going revised process of last years lino.  I change the initial print colours to red and blue (though I really wanted turquoise and magenta) – ooh brain wave just struck! What if I mixed large portions next year to make my own colours? I wonder if I can get white lino ink? …anyway…

Still using the 15x10cm blocks of grey lino.  The children cut their symmetrical design with lino cutters before printing the colour print using the flat back of the lino and leaving 2 blocks white on the page.  It works out so nicely as at the end approx. 5cm are left for them to write their names, surnames and classes.

I thought their designs were in general better than last year.  No one needed stitches and an ink plate – the black metal ones, peeled its paint on the one side.  I’m glad I can still use it – few!  I really do need to buy some Q20 for this artroom though.  I have endured weeks of screeching lino rollers.  “Weeks?” you say.  “Why havent you bought it yet” I hear you asking acusingly….Well the lesson ends and I’m onto the next one and forget the last little head notes.  So here I am reflecting and making paper notes of stock I need to buy as I go….just wrote down Q20 spray.  There now I have to get it.  It’s on a list!