Going with the Olympic theme the grade 3’s are making Olympic torches. I started by discussing and listing the symbols and words we could use to decorate our torches. Then using card I rolled a cone and coloured the outside with kokki. Unrolling it we could see that there was a definate area where the design will be seen and not seen. So sparing time and giving our all to the small seen area we traced the cut out shape from the card. We decorated in wax and oil pastels which are great because is a wide mix of normal, lumo and metallic colours. And variety in this case is the spice in art. We cut strips of gold paper to create gold lines which will swirl around the torch and we dyed the open areas with yellow dye – symbolising the gold in the torch and left them to dry.
Hoping next week to wrap and secure the torches and fill them with tissue paper flames. They should look lovely! Sent from my BlackBerry®

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