grd1cupcake6The grade 1’s had a wonderful time making the most delicious cupcakes this term.  Each picture has its own story and explanation.  Every colour represents a flavour and all the sprinkles are a story of their own.  A successful project because the children enjoyed it thoroughly and learned plenty from it!


colour mixing (only had primary colours and white to use),

creating without outlines in pencil (just started painting after a demo),

small things like sprinkles should go on a previously painted area and not be painted around – let’s call that “layering”

mixing colours on the page/surface and not in the pattypans (as I need those pans for the next class) and the colours tend not to be as flat!

making mistakes and painting right over them to fix them – perseverance, self acceptance

to apply glitter pain in stripes rather than mushing it over the whole cupcake (I almost got heart failure when I saw the first child do that!)

I would most certainly do this project again.  I would ask the class teacher to make the picture the basis for a creative writing piece as the children have so much to say about their art works!