grd1name3 I have a tough time most days remembering the name of the child or person I am speaking to.  I remember faces well.  Even when I haven’t taught them for three of four years they still look familiar to me.  One little lady, who I nicknamed “Barbie” has grown up a lot and become more beautiful with every year but I still recognise her easily.  However… names… they just don’t stick.  Often I will ask what their favourite colour is and say their name with the colour.  Sometimes this really helps and the names stick but not always.

To help this year, with all my new faces, I asked the grade 1’s to make their names as an art piece.

We sat together and cut the pattern around the edges of the page using the snowflake pattern technique which is where you fold often and cut so that when you unfold the pattern is repeated and the same – very pretty.

We drew our names in our favourite colours and decorated the insides of the “open” letters. The kids call open letters “bubble” letters.  It makes sense but I encourage them to not make them with round edges.

They were to put their favourite things like sport or animals in the background of the names and decorate the boarders – or “frame” as they prefer me to say.

Speaking of children “preferring to say” – have you ever asked a child to colour in their background and seen them turn their page over and begin to colour?  Its crazy! I find that if they don’t understand what I mean I show them what I meant and ask them how they would tell another person to do the action.  Then we can compare my way and their way and together understand both ways.

My grade 1’s are cute, so cute and not as tiring as grade 2’s and 3’s.  Perhaps because I only teach the grade 1’s in groups of 12 and not the whole class.  Much more manageable.