A platform to share, communicate, uploading and training.

Google is making a curriculum of skills.
They are organising workshops. First set at inquenquesi (?).

#GEGZA the place to ask the “how do I do…” questions.

Using in the primary school…awesome

Built with Chrome by lego and google
– could build historical land mark
– design a structure using given clear parameters
– design places reffered to in a book and describe back
-fantasy creature
-designs can be published to google maps

Tour builder:
Design your own tour of places you have been to.  Fly between landmarks and add info tags as you go.
– show places from a book
– design a tour around your city and narrate

Works in layers with a very easy tutorial online.

Customised maps for class or school
-research tool , real time, real issues

Art project..very cool!
Virtual tours around the gallerys of the world

Historic moments

All from the Google institute

Connected classrooms…virtual field trip

Did you know that you can search google by reading level?
Google is so much more than search?  Use, explore, and experiment with the Google tools.

Using the tools in various projects: integrate integrate! 
Google docs: able to work on the same doc simultaneously…collaboration

Into “reality” (based on dragons den)
Sketch up: 3d rotation creation

Publisise adverts dor created products/ adverts on twitter and Facebook to get a pollor live opinion on it.
Google scholar orders references and has a link back to original referenced page.


Create an animation on powtoon or imovie or wevideo (good video extention tool)
Presented to a panel of “DRAGONS” who evaluated the end product and the kids had to justify and convince.
Join on bit.ly/GEGWestCoast and learn so much.