Recently South African Education department put out a revision of the National Curriculum Statement (NCS) called the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS)  . It seems, to me, to be more concise and easier to read.  The specific parts for art were easy to find under the umbrella of Life Skills and I was able to print the necessary pages right off the web.  Which makes life and planning a little easier for me.

Now I sit with this document and reword it into planning format for next year’s plan.  Impressively, the document clearly lays out each project in each term while still leaving creativity on the part of the teacher to decide what art project will be used to achieve the learning.  Scope for creativity, change and orginality is what I need and crave.  I have never liked being told exactly what and how to teach art.  So I’m in favour of this document for myself (so far). 

I have never been a very organised person but recently have found myself keeping my home in a far better state and now that I live in some order I find myself wanting to bring the peace and stability it brings to work / school with me. 

An organised teacher is a calm and blessed teacher. So bring it on!

I shall post it here … once I’ve finished the plan and figured how to attach a document or I shall at least put it in google docs or on a wiki and post the link here.  My aim is to share and make your life as a teacher easier if I can.

In the mean time….wish me luck!

Mediums_Techniques_perGRADE – this is the plan for next year.  It may still be a little rough but I’ll smooth out each project as I get to it.

Please let me know of any ideas or changes you would make to this doc.