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End of year group art. Oh boy!













The Numbernomitors

I returned from a wonderful art therapy course recently and have allowed it to influence my teaching somewhat. This project in particular took on the attribute of freedom.

The directive was for the children to create a single digit – any number from 0 – 9. They were told the could create it on or from anything found in the art room so long as the ran the less obvious past me first.

Freedom is an agent for anxiety. It was a very interesting lesson. More so the projects which came out compared with my own comfort or anxiety levels with the freedom. Almost as if their own feelings and reactions were reflecting mine.

We will finish the project next week and I’m hoping for some very beautiful, interesting and thought provoking art. More than that though, i hope for some very happy children. The more they grow accustomed to the idea of freedom with materials the more they will feel free to create and explore.

In the art room we are ADVENTURERS!



Vanishing Point

Dear Readers

-From the kids-

“today we finished our Vanishing point it was good art our vanishing point is creative art you can see it on monniart blog lots of creative things to see.Come to our blog monniart blog things that you can never see there are 3D paintings there are fantastic come and see awesome paintings”.(Luca)

“at monniart ther is lots of cool stuff and it is so cool art there is  so so so much cool stuff.Look at crazy art on monniart blog there are inspired kids and creative kids.Vanishing point.”(Brice)

– Thanks Luca and Brice

Vanishing point is not too hard for grade 3’s to grasp if you start with the concrete and move to the abstract.

Concrete:  Kids stood in a line along one end of the field.  I stood in front of them and they measured me my hight with hands.  I walked away from them (eventually running away as the field is quite big!) and they noticed that I got smaller as  I went further away.  They also drew a line from their feet to me showing that “I went up in the picture” as I went further away.  As I ran closer and almost run into to them (hehe!) I grew in size.

Then we look a look at the fence from one end and measured it with our hands noticing the same concepts again.  They were fascinated!

When we looked at the pictures on the internet in class they understood.  When we made our own vanishing point houses and road they were well prepared and most did a very good job of it.  So proud!




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