Hello Readers

I thought you may like to know a little about me since I am the author of this blog.

I am turning 29 this year.  I completed my degree in foundation phase teaching |(grades R to 3).  When I had finished that I didn’t quite feel ready to head into the adult world of “real work” so I applied to do my honours thinking I’ll just become a professional student.  It’s not that I was a brilliant student.  It felt safe, something I knew how to do.  Plus…my art lecturer told us we would have the opportunity to go to Egypt with her – that was enough to motivate me!

Turns out,while I did that honours in a year (and went to Egypt for 10 days) I was also given the opportunity to teach part-time at an art centre.  so much for avoiding the real world.  This was one of the best things I have ever said “yes please” to as I believe it played a big part in catching the job I have now.

Back to the present…I teach visual art to grades 1 through 6 on three campuses at my school.  I figure that comes to approximately 450 kids a week.  And I am terrible at remembering names!  So the kids all know that I struggle with that and sometimes tease me about it.  But I end up calling them “whatzzface” and “chicken pie” amongst other cute names.  All good fun.

I know that I am not great with filling so I started this blog to keep our lessons in full colour.  That you can share these lessons is just a bonus I think.  I am very interrested in growing my abilities and spaces on the web.  Sp all ideas are very welcome!

The kids help me create posts sometimes and help me take photosthe photos for it in class.  I always get a thrill when they comment or chat on this blog because I push for this to be our art classes blog and not mine.  I need to work more on that idea.  I have also started a wiki page (http://monniart.wikispaces.com) but its going to take some work before I figure out exactly how I want to use it.

So here are some pics of me – some recent some last year. Do comment and I’ll get back to you more than happily here.