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The grade 6’s started the year by revising the 7 Art Elements and doing an exercise breaking 3D objects and 2D paintings down into these elements and describing what they observed.

Here after though they began a 2D monochromatic mixed media art work.  The theme was a figure in an environment.  So we made people in water all in blues.  I allowed them to use white and grey and black and used the excuse that they were simply shades for tonal work and not colours in themselves.

Some very lovely pictures emerged and some very create ones where the person could hardly be seen.

I focused on the use of shadow on the figures body which most really struggled with.  Getting the learners to use as many different blues as possible was not quite such hard work.

We looked at how the clothes and hair would change in the watery environment – this they struggled to show as well.

We used powder paint, oil pastels, water-colour and aqua-pencil crayons and the learners own normal pencil crayons.

I am glad for the pictures which worked out well.  It was all in all a very challenging project.

grd6FigInEnvronm4 grd6FigInEnvronm3 grd6FigInEnvronm2 grd6FigInEnvronm1

These darling grade 4’s do not belong to the Guinea Fowl class.  However to be fair they did another version of the Guinea Fowl picture.  I kept pattern as a theme which ran through all the Guinea Fowl pictures.  This time in black paint and coloured aquarelle pencils.  I love those pencils.  They’re so much brighter than any others I know of and so useful since they can be used as paint or as a colouring pencil.  They blend quite well too I think.

I was surprised to find that the kids were not as excited about using feathers as I was.  Ii had saved these little Guinea Fowl feathers for years and now out they come to be used and I’m the only really thrilled one.  I just love this photo from the side – its shows up all the feathery fluff.

Haha…you know,  if you follow my blog you may notice that these children may well have been here a few times.  It’s as if we can watch them growing up as they go through my classes and the years at school.  Until they leave to grade 7 that is and then they just grow up too fast.  Once they’re in high school, when I do see them, they have just shot up and seem so much more mature.  A wonderful sight to behold.

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Optical Illusions

Both of the following links show this project which we tried in grade 4. 



The use of pencil is great for teaching and re-enforcing tonal work.  My grade 4’s found it tough going but the majority understood and enjoyed the project.  It can take 2 hours of art unless they are a little slower in which case allow for a wee bit more time.

I let the kids see other optical illusions on the net and we talked extensively about what an optical illusion is and why we enjoy them.  They certainly loved the ones that appear to be moving!

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