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Leaves for an integrated project

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The Grade 4’s had a 3 day integrated task last week.  In art we created the leaves which were to be used for writing their letters.  Similar idea to letter in a bottle.  The task’s theme was “island” complete with treasure maps and many little tasks which integrated all their subjects in class.  The kids really enjoy the 3 days.  The school timetable comes to a stand still while the children race to work hard in their groups producing the best possible quality without parental help.  Just brilliant!

Anyway…back to the leaf story.

I made stencils of various leaves for the kids to trace.  Not my usual practice as I so strongly advocate originality and kids using their minds rather than mine. However this time was different as they only had 1 hour in which to complete the mixed media project.  This was a big challenge!

They were then instructed to make a design inside the leaves with black permanent koki.  The leaves were washed over with blue, green and yellow dye which they dried outside in the sun for a few minutes.

they worked into and over the their designs with metallic pastels and lastly cut the leaves out ready for their integrated task.

It was a push for me and not one which I was successful with until the last lesson.  In my mind I could see that it could be done well and finished in the space of one lesson but these are children and in order to get this right I had to be fully prepared and slick in explanation.

The best tip would be to back off and let the children create.  Have it all set up and ready.  Tell them what you need and back off.  Don’t micro manage.  Let them come to you if they have a question.  That made it work very well.  Until I got this right it was a nightmare lesson.

I am so proud of the Eagle class.  They are working like a dream and making such gorgeous hats!

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Quentin Blake inspired us!

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The grade 5’s have been learning about the famous and wonderful artist Quentin Blake. I took my note ideas and a frame from his site http://www.quentinblake.com.

We are now creating a picture in the style of Quentin Blake.

The watercolour paints worry the children as they are not used to using so much water or making the colours so light. Even when I show and explain how we will be doing a second layer of paint and hat will have richer places of colour. Still they struggle to use the colours lightly.

It is a work in progress.

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