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The grade 6’s started the year by revising the 7 Art Elements and doing an exercise breaking 3D objects and 2D paintings down into these elements and describing what they observed.

Here after though they began a 2D monochromatic mixed media art work.  The theme was a figure in an environment.  So we made people in water all in blues.  I allowed them to use white and grey and black and used the excuse that they were simply shades for tonal work and not colours in themselves.

Some very lovely pictures emerged and some very create ones where the person could hardly be seen.

I focused on the use of shadow on the figures body which most really struggled with.  Getting the learners to use as many different blues as possible was not quite such hard work.

We looked at how the clothes and hair would change in the watery environment – this they struggled to show as well.

We used powder paint, oil pastels, water-colour and aqua-pencil crayons and the learners own normal pencil crayons.

I am glad for the pictures which worked out well.  It was all in all a very challenging project.

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A Wonderful Opportunity!

Dear readers

Our local shopping mall, Bayside Mall in Table View, invited us to paint a lovely big section of a hording.  Every time I looked at it felt more daunting.

The theme was “I love Bayside”.  So I loosely worked around that theme laying very basic outlines in pencil on the wall and expected the volunteering kids to create the rest.

It was unfortunate that the last session we painted caused my sore throat to become full on laryngitis and put me off school for three days but the wall was worth it.  The exposure and experience for the kids was wonderful!



Africa Burn – The Dome

I am going to Africa Burn at the end of April this year.  I am almost unbearably excited about it.  James, a friend of mine since my teeage years, is going too.  He has build a dome to sleep in which feels amazing to be inside of.  We are wanting to make an art piece of this dome and since I am an art teacher I am giving my 40 off my students the opportunity to each paint a panel of this dome.

“Mirage”, a beautiful theme for the 5 day stay in the Karoo desert, will be the theme of this dome too.  I am thinking optical illusions for the panels or perhaps “water, land and sky” in layers around the dome.

I love to start projects no matter how daunting but long for the day I can see it standing finished before me!  Its like a craving for chocolate but infinatley more exciting.

I have e-mailed the notice in to be put in the school’s weekly notice and have announced the idea  in assembly.  Now to source the fabric and paint. Any ideas readers? Goodness this is nerve-racking but so exciting.  I just want to lay out the fabric and dip that brush in the paint – the vibrant colour, the smell, the texture of creamy fabric paint.  How wonderful! Perhaps I shall have only 39 children so that I too can paint a panel.

I’ll keep you posted whenever there is something new to post!

Today I found out that James has the fabric and the panels will be ready to paint by Sunday evening so….let’s paint!  We are both keen on using the zentangle idea.  I am keen on blue paint being used on the white fabric.  Its going to be interesting and cool!  Soon as we start – I’m hoping for Monday- I’ll be posting pics as we go.  Hold thumbs for us.

Click this link to see the little movie I made about this experience:   http://youtu.be/G3HT56-zwAs


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