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I am so proud of the Eagle class.  They are working like a dream and making such gorgeous hats!

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Simple paper cut

This fabulous lesson idea i found on Pinterest. I loved making mine with the children and they loved the outcome. Once they understood the flip idea they were hooked.

We start with an A3 white page and a rathe smaller rectangle of black paper. I cut an A3 black page down the short side into thirds or quarters to create the middle black areas.

It is important to stress that no black pieces may be cut off to throw away. So every part must be used or the concept is ruined.
Also important is the exact alignment of the black cut pieces as it creates a preciseness which is beautiful and clear. It looks professional and well finished if you make the kids become pedantic about their final sticking.

Everything is cut out and only stuck when all is ready.

I have explained the cuts in terms of flips and children who can make triple or quadruple flips are praised as very cleaver indeed.

Do give this project a try. Its the type of project where kids excitedly go home and more more of the same idea for themselves – which in my mind makes it a complete sucess!





Contour Line Model


Grade 4’s drew me.  Scary to see how the children interpret me but I didn’t want any child to miss time drawing while being a model.  I also find the children are not happy about the model changing when I swap the children to give them turns to draw.  Sitting for long periods is really difficult for them too.

They drew with one line, unbroken and continuous.  This gives the picture a certain style and forces the children to focus on the subject more.

We then dyed the work in a splotchy fashion with a sponge dipped in a tea and coffee mix – coffee alone would be fine but I was hoping the tea would help cut some of the stickiness of the coffee.

Next lesson we used related colours to colour certain self-chosen parts of the work.  They were not to touch the black pen lines so as to create a stained window look.  When they did this properly it looked gorgeous.

Related colours: When I explain this to the learners I tell them they are the colours in a family.  For example green is the baby of yellow and blue, orange is the baby of red and yellow.  Therefore, these groups are colours that are related to each other.  The kids were allowed to choose two related colours (like blue and green, yellow and green etc.) and use every version/tone of those colours that they could find between my pencils and theirs in their pencil cases.

So…in marking these pictures I’m looking for

  • one line used
  • two related colours used
  • use of space
  • complete

The picture does not need to look just like me or even like a female necessarily.grd4Fig2grd4Fig4grd4Fig1

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