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I am so proud of the Eagle class.  They are working like a dream and making such gorgeous hats!

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Bicycles in a Line

grd2bicycle1 grd2bicycle2

I took the wheel off the front of my bike and literally squeezed it into the back of my little car!  I should have cycled to the school but I had so many other things to take with me that day – it was quite impossible.

Together with the children we moved all the tables to create a circle around the standing bike.

For demonstration, I drew the bike with one line which most impressed the kids.  Then it was their turn to draw the contours of the bike.

We spoke about use of space on the page, the various parts of the bike and getting in the details.

What you don’t see is the finished product – watercolour patches in all colours in the background – beautiful!

After my grade 6’s had made their 2D figure in an environment, they created a 3D figure with an animal of their choice.

The brief :

Person must be sitting and stable.

Animal must be warm-blooded.

Animal and person must be fused (joined) so that one does not go missing from the other when they are dry.

Lesson 1 – for the basics of both animal and person.

Lesson 2 – for the details and refining (using clay tools, toothpicks, tongue depresses and water).

Those children who did not make one or other figure in the first lesson did not get more clay in the second but had to creatively make a plan.

The lesson was success.

The students peer assessed at the end of the 2nd lesson and I kept the best for the 3rd term exhibit.  I really hope they last since we do not have a kiln to fire them.

grd6clay2 grd6clay3 grd6clay4 grd6clay5 grd6clay6 grd6clay7 grd6clay8 grd6clay9

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