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Bicycles in a Line

grd2bicycle1 grd2bicycle2

I took the wheel off the front of my bike and literally squeezed it into the back of my little car!  I should have cycled to the school but I had so many other things to take with me that day – it was quite impossible.

Together with the children we moved all the tables to create a circle around the standing bike.

For demonstration, I drew the bike with one line which most impressed the kids.  Then it was their turn to draw the contours of the bike.

We spoke about use of space on the page, the various parts of the bike and getting in the details.

What you don’t see is the finished product – watercolour patches in all colours in the background – beautiful!

The grade 6’s started the year by revising the 7 Art Elements and doing an exercise breaking 3D objects and 2D paintings down into these elements and describing what they observed.

Here after though they began a 2D monochromatic mixed media art work.  The theme was a figure in an environment.  So we made people in water all in blues.  I allowed them to use white and grey and black and used the excuse that they were simply shades for tonal work and not colours in themselves.

Some very lovely pictures emerged and some very create ones where the person could hardly be seen.

I focused on the use of shadow on the figures body which most really struggled with.  Getting the learners to use as many different blues as possible was not quite such hard work.

We looked at how the clothes and hair would change in the watery environment – this they struggled to show as well.

We used powder paint, oil pastels, water-colour and aqua-pencil crayons and the learners own normal pencil crayons.

I am glad for the pictures which worked out well.  It was all in all a very challenging project.

grd6FigInEnvronm4 grd6FigInEnvronm3 grd6FigInEnvronm2 grd6FigInEnvronm1

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