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Patterns and Tracings

We did this project to give the grade 4’s a taste of my very important grade 6 lino project.  This is the same method I used to get the grade 6″s patterns ready.


Fold an A3 page till it is A7 size

Draw lines making sure at least one line touches each side

Open the page and trace the pattern from one block to another until all the blocks are filled on the front

Use various mediums to fill the shapes with patterns.



Finding a View in Still Lives

Today the grade 6’s started a still life project using their self-made view finders (VF’s).  View finders have been a well used tool in lives of many artists.  It frames the subject, helps to identify the section of view which the artist would like to paint and strengthens focus as it blocks out the rest of the world while looked through.  A very simple device and yet so effective.  I find that the shape of the hole cut in the VF should relate to the shape of the surface worked on.  This helps immensely with identifying the position and size of objects in the work as they relate to the edges of the view finder.

We used a glossy white card as the white board markers simply wipe off without leaving gouges in the surface and the ink next week will slide and blend so nicely over the surface hopefully leaving a beautiful “inky” feel about the whole work. 

I plan to teach them about shadows between objects and the shadows cast on the ground so that the work pops off the surface and looks more three-dimensional.

I am really excited about next week! Today worked well but next week will have its own challenges.

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