My Grade 4’s did circular weaving. First time I ‘have tried it. I got the idea from another teachers website,  Thank you Mr E. for sharing. 

 My kids did so well with the project especially the boys.  I just love it when a project allows the boys to shine.  They were so proud of their work and happy to help me make the mobiles too.

Method:  One paper plate per child.  Cut an odd number of shallow cuts into the edge of the plate.  Using a long piece of wool/string tie a knot in one end.  Place the knot behind a cut and pull the string gently (so as not to pull the plate into a funny shape) clockwise from the knot over the front of the plate to the opposite end each time going under the plate and back up on the opposite side. 

I figured out that if you find the half way mark from where you start to the opposite end there should be one more cut on one side than on the other side of the halfway cut.  You should always start stinging the plate on the side which has one more edge cut. – Gee I hope that made sense!

A knot behind the plate ends the plate stringing.  Tie the new piece of string around the centre of the web and begin weaving it through the web to create the weave. 

The kids sometimes become frustrated at the beginning but soon overcome their doubts with some encouragement.

Almost anything can be woven into the web.  Some brought ribbon, string, strings of beads and fancy wool for their works.

When the last is woven the end it the strand is knotted to the closest web leg.  Every two legs are them cut at the back and knotted gently together.  The remaining tasels can then be used to bead or trimmed depending on the effect you’re looking for.

An inexpensive project which teaches the kids patience through a new skill.