While going through the years at school I have had moment s in class that just left me chuckling quietly to myself because it is better than the belly laugh I would have liked to do in the moment.  Had I laughed out right I would inevitably have to explain my reasons to the class.  In most of these cases it is just not a good or even professional idea to explain these funny moment to children.

Kid’s (and teachers) just say the funniest things sometimes and after 5 years of teaching I have decided to start recording them as many teachers before me have I am sure.  And… as with many things in my teaching, I will keep them here.  After being scribbled down in a note-book that is.

I was making paper mache’ birds from news papers and starch with my grade 3’s when a little girl says ” Okay! Now I need to make my strippers.”

Later, still making these birds from the newspaper strips a boy chirps up “Mine is going to be made out of cellphones and calculators.  It’s going to be a very smart one.”

A teacher stood up in assembly to talk about discipline in the school and in the middle of his talk said “Sit up straight. Stop fidgeting. This is not a special school.” (Teacher I think you should get the spoon award for that one!)

As teachers they were allowed to get a free coffee and muffin from the school fundraising day if they put a poster into their car advertising the occasion.  While talking about it the principal said “If you want a coffee and a muffing that morning.” well that was the end of the teachers. They were rolling with laughter! 


Please send me any of your own if you would like them to appear here (or just to share a laugh privately).  I would be delighted.